What is RevTrak?

• RevTrak is an online payment processing for Kalamazoo Public School related fees.  This includes Health Insurance for Athletics Instrument Repair, Field Trips, Chromebook repairs, and more!

KPS RevTrak Website

KPS RevTrak Landing Page

How do I pay?

• Select the service: Music, Library Services, etc.

• Select the School Level: Elementary, Middle, High

EXAMPLE: If the student needs to pay for Athletic Insurance at Linden Grove Middle School, they would ...
1) Select "Middle Schools"
2) Select the Linden Grove

Middle Schools Selection

3) Select the Service: "Athletic Insurance"

Services to select at Linden Grove

4) Now you can choose to login or Create an Account.  The account can be any email, it does not have to be the same as the student or the one you use for Powerschool Parent Portal.

5) Once logged in you will need to fill out the required fields and provide student information such as Student ID #.

6) Fill in the required payment information and Submit.

What if my student isn't found in the system?

• Issues can arise and if this is the case please contact the Kalamazoo Public Schools Business Office:

* Please have your Student's ID # *
Administration Building

1220 Howard Street

Phone: (269) 337-0115