If your KPS-issued Chromebook is not connecting automatically to the KPS WiFi you can use this method to resolve your missing connection.

Open the Chromebook lid and at the Login Screen select the WiFi Networks by clicking the WiFi symbol down in the bottom right corner.  Near the clock!

From the list that populates, find and select KPS-STAFF(BYOD) 

To join the network you'll need to set several options, as shown below:
1) Set EAP Method to PEAP

2) Set Phase 2 authentication to AUTOMATIC

3) Set Server CA certificate to Do Not Check

Continue to scroll down or use the tab key to continue down the menu.

4) Set Identity to your KPS Username  (Note: You do NOT need to add the @kalamazoopublicschools.net)

5) Set Password to your KPS account password.

6) Finally, select Connect

After a few moments, the device will generally switch over to KPS-SECURE or you can choose to select it and have it connect.

If done to connect a student Chromebook it is advisable to go back, select the KPS-STAFF(BYOD) network like before, then choose Forget so it does not retain your KPS Username & Password.

This concludes how to connect a Teacher-Issued Chromebook.