Be very wary/skeptical -  if you receive an email (even if it appears to come from a friend or coworker) that seems to be vague with not much information in the body or subject. Or it has a subject line similar to "Important Message", "See Attached", "File Attached", or maybe the email body has a line in it that simply reads "Hello, Please view the attached document.,Thanks"  It may also have an attachment something to the effect of "Secured file.pdf" (and looks similar to the below image). DO NOT open the attachment. 

What to do or not do:

Q: I received the email but didn't open it or the attachment. What should I do ? 

A. Delete it!

Q: Should I report or forward it to someone?

A: Please DO NOT forward it, not even to Technology Services. Just delete it. You were probably just one of hundreds that received it. Forwarding it just compounds the problem.

Q: I opened the attachment, but didn't click any links in it. Am I still at risk ? 

A: If you did not click any links in it, nor provide any email login/password information then you are probably safe.

Q: I opened the attachment, clicked on the link and entered the information it requested. What should I do ?

A: Your password needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Additional Information:

If you do happen to open the attachment contained in the email and it looks similar to the one below- DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN IT! Doing so will most likely prompt you to enter your email login & password. If you do this , then you just GAVE your login info to the "bad guys"!! If this unfortunately happens to you then please change your password ASAP. If you are not familiar with how to change your password, please review the easy instructions here.

Please note that you can only change your password if you are on a KPS computer within the district. If you are at home or on a smartphone then you will have to contact Technology Services during normal business hours: M-F 7:30 -4:00 to have your password changed. If you would like more information on phishing scams, see this article.


KPS Technology Services

Help Desk Phone: (269) 337-0283