Attention Students: You currently are not allowed to change your own password. If you want/need to have your password changed please contact your homeroom teacher with this request. You will need to provide your student name, Student ID# and the reason you are requesting it to be changed.

If you are a teacher or staff member you can change your password by using your KPS Windows computer and following these simple instructions: 

Find & click the icon on your Computer Desktop.  If you don't see it on your desktop, alternatively you can go to Start, Programs, Novell Zenworks, Zenworks Application Window - and launch it from Applications Window that pops up.


Enter your current password once,

Enter the new password twice, 

Then click the "padlock" button at the bottom.

That's it!  This will be your new password to log into KPS computers, Google/Gmail, eSchool, etc.

Password Requirements - minimum of 8 characters. They are case-sensitive and should have any combination of letters, numbers and symbols (recommended, not required). Cannot contain the word "password" and cannot be the same password you've used in the "recent past".

Learn how to choose a strong, yet easy to remember password (1.5 minute video):