Images with examples follow written instructions.
Linden Grove is just example used in these pictures.  These instructions are valid for any building.

Images can be clicked to enlarge.


1) Login
2) Reprint
3) Take a Picture

4) Printing an ID


1) Login to the PC with your own KPS Credentials.

2) Start BadgePass Client by using the icon on the desktop.

3) The Username is admin
         - The password is the same.


For a lost student ID or a transfer student who has had their picture taken but transferred schools.

1) Select Search from the Home Ribbon along the top.

2) Use the ID Number Field for the most accurate search. (You do not need to fill in all the Fields to search.)

3) Select the Search button at the bottom of the ENTITY SEARCH CRITERIA menu.

4) Select the student that you are printing and ID for.


1) Select New from the Home Ribbon.

2) Enter all relevant student information.

3) Ensure information displays correctly in the ID Preview pane.

4) Move on to the next section: TAKE A PICTURE to capture and add a student picture to the ID.


1) Select Capture from the photo menu found above the ID Preview pane

2)  When prompted select: BadgePass HD Identity Camera then hit Select.

3) You will now be in the Camera pane.  Line up the student and select CAPTURE to take your picture.

4) You can then choose to crop down the photo.  

5) Once completed it will automatically insert the photo into the ID, which you will see in the ID Preview pane.

6) If pleased with the picture you can move on to the PRINTING AN ID Section.


1) Select Print from the Home Ribbon.

2) Select the corresponding grade level for Badge type.

    - Some buildings have different layouts and/or coloring for grades. 

    - Then select OK.

3) The Print Pane will now prompt to print:

     - Ensure it is the available XPS Card Printer that is selected.

     - Select Preferences then the Layout tab.  You will want to make sure the option for Print on Both Sides  is set to Flip on Short Edges.    The IDs are set to print the National Suicide Prevention Hotline phone number on the verse side.  
     NOTE: If this isn't set to Flip on Short Edges the ID Printer will print two separate IDs. One with the student info then another with the Hotline phone number.

4) Select Print to complete the ID creation and have it print.