Powerwash a Chromebook

Powerwash instructions for Chromebooks that won't turn on:

With the Chromebook turned off, Press 'esc + refresh key + power button' all at once. The power button may be located on the side of the Chromebook, or above the keyboard on its own. The Chromebook screen will go black and restart.(You may have to hold the three keys until a white screen comes up with an !) 

Image of keyboard with esc, refresh and power keys highlighted. 

Once the  Chromebook restarts, you will see an error message on the screen. That's ok. Press 'ctrl + D', (both at the same time). 

Screenshot Press ctrl + d here. or Screenshot Press ctrl + d here.

 It will then ask you to press the enter key.
 Powerwash screenshot "Press enter".

 And then the space bar. (Sometimes it skips this one though.) Screenshot "Press space bar". 

And then enter once more. 

Screenshot "Press enter".

After it reboots again, you will see a screen that has a single "Let's go" button. Click that.

 Screenshot Press "Let's go" button on screen. 

Choose and connect to your home network. Click “Continue”. Click “Accept & Continue”.

 Press "Accept and Continue" button on screen.

Your Chromebook should automatically re-enroll to Kalamazoo Public Schools.

Screenshot of Enterprise Enrollment progress window 

Once that is finished, click “Done”. 

Screenshot "Enrolled Successfully" Press Done.

 It should bring you back to the standard sign-in screen that says Kalamazoo Public Schools in small print.

 Screenshot of the sign in screen

Log in as usual.