1. Make sure you are at the log-in screen - do not log-in
  2. Press these four keys at the same time - Ctrl  Alt  Shift  r - hold for ten seconds, then release
  3. If a check-box appears, on the "Reset this Chrome device" page, asking to "Update firmware for added security," select the check-box.  If the check-box does not appear, move to step 4
  4. Select Powerwash
  5. Select Continue
  6. Select Let's Go
  7. Select your network from the list and join by entering your network's password. If connection happens automatically, move to step 8
  8. Uncheck the Optional: Help... check-box, If already checked
  9. Select Accept and Continue
  10. If asked to enroll the Chromebook, enter your child's email and password and follow the prompts to complete enrollment. If enrollment happens automatically, move to step 11
  11. Select Done

After completing step ten, the device should return to the log-in page and is ready for use.