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How do I print an entire class set of Badges?

  1. Log into the Clever Portal, and click the "Classes" tab next to your name
  2. Select which class/section you would like to print badges for
  3. Select the "Download Class Set of Badges" button on the right

If you only see the option, "Download Class Set of Usernames", this means that printing class sets of Badges might not be enabled for the grade level or class. Please contact the Tech Support at your district for more information. 

How do I re-print or create a new Badge for my students?

  1. Log in to the Clever Portal and click the “Classes” tab next to your name
  2. Select the appropriate class/section for your student
  3. Navigate to the "Students rostered to this class" section (you can sort the names alphabetically by first name or last name)
  4. Click on the student who needs their Badge 
  5. Click "Download Badge" to re-print their Badge
  6. The student's Badge will be downloaded to your computer, which you can print and give to your student


To create a new badge, follow steps 1-4 as listed above and then:

  1. Select "Void Badge" - this will ensure that the previous badge printed for the student does not work as their login
  2. Confirm that you would like the Badge voided
  3. Select "Download Badge"