Planning for a classroom internet-based project, homework, or maybe just a "fun day" but you're not sure if your students will be able to access the website(s) you need them to use? There is now a new tool called LightSpeed AccessScan that you can easily use to determine what students may be able to access or what links may be blocked and unavailable in case you need to request that they be unblocked ahead of time. 

Simply browse to the page/website that you want your students to have access to and then launch the extension "LightSpeed AccessScan" in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser, enter in the email address of one of your students and click "Scan Page". You will then see a list of everything on that page and whether it is allowed or blocked for that student. See image below:

In the pictured example, a teacher was planning an Escape Class and wanted to know if it would be available for her students. Clearly you can see that it is blocked and the teacher was then able to submit a request to have it unblocked (using this link)  prior to the upcoming day for this activity.