Cast for Education allows you to turn your computer into a wireless projector for screen sharing from another device.  The Google Cast for Education is already installed in the Google Chrome browser on all KPS devices.

A short video overview from Google:

Setup your teacher station to receive other screens

Look for the icon with the rest of your installed Chrome extension in the top right of your browser.

Setup the app to receive casts

  • Enter a Receiver name for your teacher station that will be used to display the other screens, typically your name.

  • Keep both boxes checked and click save.

Setup permission to cast to your receiver.  You do not need to set permissions if you are casting from your Chromebook to your PC.

  • Click the blue Share button

Add people that can cast to your receiver:
  • Choose from a list of your Google Classroom classes to allow students to cast

  • Enter emails of other teachers

  • Choose 

    • Can present  to allow automatic sharing without asking permission

    • Teachers can present, Students can request to allow students to request with the teacher accepting or denying the sharing (best option)

  • Click Save when done

How to Cast to the receiver from your Chromebook to your Desktop

  • Log in to chrome

  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner or the 3 lines

  • Choose Cast from the list of options

  • Click the downward facing triangle next to “Cast to” so you can set your source to share 
  • Choose the receiver to share your screen with Cast Tab - shares only the tab window
  • Cast Desktop - shares your entire display


Casting your Tab
  • Pop up window shows casting

  • Blue box in right corner of tab shows which tab is being cast

  • T stop casting click Stop

Casting your Desktop

  • Choose Cast Desktop

  • Popup window forces you to select Entire Screen then Share

  • Notification appears at bottom of Screen as you are casting.
  • Click Stop sharing blue button to stop

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