Upload files and folders to Google Drive

You can upload, view, share, and edit files with Google Drive.

Types of files

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video


Upload & view files

On your computer, you can upload from or your desktop. You can upload files into private or shared folders.

Drag files into Google Drive

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Open or create a folder.
  3. To upload files and folders, drag them into the Google Drive folder.

Use the Google Drive application for your Mac/PC

  1. Install the application on your computer.
  2. On your computer, you'll see a folder called "Google Drive".
  3. Drag files or folders into that folder. They will upload to Drive and you will see them on

Convert documents into Google formats

If you want to upload files like Microsoft Word documents, you can change a setting to convert files.

Note: You can only change Google Drive settings from your computer.

  1. Using a computer, go to
  2. Next to "Convert Uploads," check the box.