Remove an account from your Android device

Some of this information applies only to devices running Android 5.0 and higher. If your device is running 4.4 or lower, the Menu icon looks like this . If your device is running 4.3 or lower, the Settings icon looks like this .

You can remove an account you've added to your device. When you do so, everything associated with that account, including email, contacts, and settings, is also deleted.

Steps to remove an account from your device

If you're using a device with multiple users, each user has separate account settings so make sure you’re logged in as the correct user before removing any account information.

  1. Open the Settings menu Settings on your device.

  2. Under "Accounts," touch the name of the account you want to remove.

  3. If you’re using a Google account, touch Google and then the account. Important: When you remove your Google Account, all the email, contacts, Calendar events, and other data associated with that account will no longer automatically sync with your device.

  4. Touch the Menu icon More in the top right corner of the screen.

  5. Touch Remove account. If this is the only Google account on the device, you may need to enter your device's pattern, PIN, or password as a security measure. This ensures that only you or someone you trust is removing the account from your device.

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Remove an account from your Apple Device

  1. Go to settings-ios7

  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

  3. If you see an account, select it Mail Account

  4. Now scroll to the bottom and selectdelete account(Press again to confirm)

Congratulations - You have now deleted your mail account