Apple Products are not currently supported. 

The following is NOT applicable to Chromebooks.   For Chromebooks follow this link:

Accessing many services on the KPS network requires the installation and use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) software.

NOTE: The VPN software can only be installed and used from outside of the KPS network. It will not work when a computer is connected to our network. Additionally you DO NOT need to use VPN to access PowerSchool or Munis.

Installing the Software

  1. Verify you can access the internet on your computer. 
  2. Go to
  3. If you get a message that your connection is not private continue anyway.
  4. Enter your normal network Login credentials. 
  5. Follow the instructions to launch the AnyConnect installer. Accept all requests during installation and accept all default settings.
  6. After the installation is complete, close any internet browsers you may have open.  

Using the Software 

  1. At the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client Window use the following address "".
  2. Enter your normal Login Credentials when prompted.
  3. If successful you will now have an icon in the system tray that says "VPN: Connected". 
  4. Everything you do from this point will be on the KPS "virtual" network. To disconnect from VPN simply find the AnyConnect icon in the system tray and click "VPN Disconnect". You will now be on the network you used to connect to the internet at the beginning of these instructions.

Accessing Network Drives 

If you are wanting to access network drives such as S: or U: (like you do at work) and you do not see them listed in My Computer or File Explorer, there is a Link  (Located inside the KPS Links folder on the desktop) that you can click on the refreshes the network information which should trigger them to show (assuming your VPN connection is active).