The district has 3 wireless networks (SSIDs) :

KPS-SECURE : Used by newer KPS computers with Windows 7 (configured by TS on the computers). Can also be used on devices such as iPads & iPhones. KPS staff with a network account  can connect to it and login with their Novell username & password.

KPS-GUEST : can be used by ANYONE in the building with ANY wireless device. It can ONLY be used for access to the internet. It does not allow access to resources such as Facebook or YouTube. This connection DOES NOT require any information or login credentials. However, it  cannot be saved or stored on your device and will not automatically connect.

**KPS-WLAN : Used by existing KPS WindowsXP laptops (and some devices such as iPads) . **This wireless network/SSID is being phased out.

What about the student-use Chromebooks ?

The district provided Chromebooks are configured with their own private/hidden wireless network. The settings are managed by Technology Services