Do you have a Meet Session that is being "abused" by students?   

Rather than have us block it, I would recommend you open the Meet Session, click the blue shield (bottom left) and turned off Quick Access, also turn off share screen & chat. You can turn these settings on at the time you actually need to use these features.

 IF you do not see the "Blue Shield" for the Meet Session you are in, then that indicates you are not the "owner" of the session (or the Meet Code used).

Once you change these Host Control settings, they should remain [in that state] until you change them in that particular meet. 

To make it easier for yourself going forward always turn these settings off before you exit the Meet. When you are getting ready for the next session, open the Meet and turn on Quick access. Once your students are in the session, then turn off Quick Access.

If you continue to have issues, then please submit your Meet Code to have it blocked (by us) using this Google Form.