At this time access to iTunes and the App Store have been restricted.  In order to update KPS iPads and/or install new apps please use the following procedure:

1.  Open a web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc) on the iPad.

2.  In the address bar enter (no WWW.)  This should force a LightSpeed "blocked" page to appear.

3.  From the LightSpeed page log in with your own credentials (username and password).  This will elevate your web access.

4.  Now open the App Store and search for either a new app or for updates.  The iPad should already have your building's Apple account information in it so if it does ask for a password use the one that goes with the Apple account.

5.  When finished power off the iPad.  This will help to remove your login credentials from the web filtering.

** Please note **  There is nothing "magical" about the site -- it's simply and easy to remember address that will consistently produce the LightSpeed page if you do not already have staff privileges in place.