Pre-K through second grade classrooms received five Lenovo Yoga Chromebooks each.  Third through fifth grade classrooms received ten Hewlett Packard 14" Chromebooks each.

Classrooms and grade levels will change rooms every year. Do not move the Chromebooks from room to room in an attempt to correct that.  Elementary classroom Chromebooks are tied to a Google classroom account and to the asset database.  Work with your TAG members in moving Chromebooks where they are needed. .

Logging in to the Chromebooks:

You can login to the Chromebooks several ways, here are two of them:

1.  Students login with their own google account:

( with their Novell password "id123456" where "123456" is their student ID number.

2.  Use the account already setup for your classroom:

Every Chromebook in your classroom should already have been logged in with the classroom account.  That account name is affixed to the bottom of each Chromebook and looks something like "ARC-CLA123-1".  The first 3 letters (ARC) are a building code, Arcadia in this case, followed by the classroom number and"-1" at the end.   The password for your classroom account is your school phone number, "337-0530" in Arcadia's case.  Each Chromebook has a label on the back that looks like "ARC-CLA123-1".  When logging in your Chromebooks the "-1" should always be there even though there may labels that end in "-2", "-3", etc. The trailing numbers are simply to help you keep track of each Chromebook with a number scheme.