Highly Recommended Prerequisite:

Login to & start using your KPS provided Google account (login instructions). You can easily do this using your normal KPS  Windows or Mac computer (Chrome web browser is recommended). Also, you may want to see our short video on how to easily make the switch from using GroupWise, to GAFE (Google Apps for Education) by forwarding your GroupWsie email to your Google account.

ChromeBooks in the Classroom - Where to Begin:

First check out the official Google Introduction to get familiar with ChromeBooks.

Next watch the short 4 minute video covering the basics:

Now read through the 13 lessons in the official Chromebook Basic Training Guide

After completing these few things, you should be well on your way to having a successful ChromeBook experience in your classroom !!

Click here to learn about using Google Classroom - Google's new solution for classroom & student management.