BrightLink 575Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector


My interactive pen doesn't work. It lags, skips, or does not write on the projected image. What should I do?


If the interactive pens do not work, try the following solutions:

  • The pens turn off automatically if you forget to turn them off. Tap the pen tip or press the power/function button to turn the pen back on.

  • Make sure you are not covering the black section near the tip of the pen.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the signal between the pen and the interactive pen receiver on the projector.

  • Try holding the pen at a different angle so that your hand is not blocking the signal.

  • Make sure the cable cover is in place to keep cables from blocking the signal.

  • Make sure the pen battery has enough power. Press the button on the side of the pen to check remaining battery power. Try replacing the battery.

  • If you are projecting from a computer, make sure the USB cable is connected to the computer and projector.

  • Dim the room lights and turn off any fluorescent lights. Make sure the projection surface and pen receiver are not in direct sunlight or other sources of bright lighting.

  • Remove any decorative lights from around the projector or projection surface.

  • If the pen tip is worn out or damaged, you may need to replace it.

  • Make sure the interactive pen receiver on the projector is clean and free from dust.

  • Make sure there is no interference from infrared remote controls, mice, or infrared microphones.

  • Make sure the USB Type B option on the Extended menu is set to Easy Interactive Function or USB Display/Easy Interactive Function.

  • Make sure you have calibrated the system. Try recalibrating.

  • Make sure Pen Mode and Pen Operation Mode settings are set correctly in the Easy Interactive Function options on the Extended menu.