Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV)

Get Introduced

Families of middle and high school students -- and the students themselves -- can monitor their student’s educational progress with Pinnacle Parent Internet Viewer (PIV). PIV is a password-protected grade-reporting system that provides real-time access to progress reports on grades, assignments, and activities due, along with information on learning plans and curricula, class schedules, attendance and discipline information, progress reports, and specific course work from any computer with Internet access. Please keep in mind two very important factors in using PIV:

  • The login and password are confidential.
  • Teachers need time to enter grades into the system.

Get Started

You or your child may get student ID numbers and passwords from your child's school counseling office. We cannot give that information over the phone.

1. Go to to Pinnacle log-in page at

2. Log in there by entering:

    • your 6-digit log-in ID
    • your 8-digit parent/guardian password (mailed to you at the beginning of each school year)
    • your student's school

3. Click the Logon button and your session will begin.

Get Information

Under Student Reports menu you can:

  • Click on Grade Summary to see course name, teacher name, teacher email link, marking period (MP) number, exam grade, and final grade.

  • Click on Attendance Summary to see attendance information. Attendance is updated several times each school day. View the Kalamazoo Public Schools Attendance Policy for complete information on policy and procedures.

  • Click on Teacher Email to send questions and comments to teachers.

  • Click on Freshman Academy Grade Reports to see grades for freshmen at Loy Norrix.

Under Class Reports you can get reports on Student Assignments, Student Missing Assignments, and Student Standards. These reports show descriptions of assignments, due dates, grades, and linked objectives measured (standards) for assignments:

  • Click on Class menu to select a class name

  • Click on Marking Period menu to select which marking period (MP)

  • Click on Get Report

Get Help

To see what the screen looks like when you're using the Pinnacle PIV system, look at the attached documents and click to enlarge the attached screen shots. The documents, which you can download and print, also have detailed information about grading rubrics and  courses, and definitions of codes and terms, to help you understand the information on the screen.

If you need a student's ID or password, you or your child may get student ID numbers and passwords from your child's school counseling office. We cannot give that information over the phone.

If you have a problem or have questions about this service, use the Pinnacle Help feature, or email James in the KPS Administration Information Systems department.

If you have questions about the specific information recorded about a student, talk to someone in the counseling office at your child's school. There is a link to the school phone directory at the top of this page.

See Attached Files for Screen Shots of the Viewer and other related How To information.